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Author Topic: About to begin my front suspension refurb  (Read 117 times)

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About to begin my front suspension refurb
« on: 02:51:52 PM / 15-Jan-21 »
My SE's been back on the road for almost six months now.  I've really only driven it to meets, but that's more than enough to know the handling is hosed, which isn't surprising.

Back in the day when I had my Canuck springs and MMR poly subframe bushings installed, the goofballs at the shop I used threw Gabriel struts on it, claiming the Konis I had given them wouldn't fit.  So yeah.

Anyway, I've been slowly building up parts for the front suspension/steering since the fall.  So far I've got:

1991 MR2 KYB Excel Strut cartridges
TRW Ball joints
TRW Tie Rod Ends
Moog Lower Control Arm Bushings
Experimental Engineering T/C Kit to replace tension rod forward bushings
Beck/Arnley Tie Rod / Steering Boots
Energy Suspension Poly Power Steering Rack bushings
Moog Polyurethane Stabilizer Bar Links
Moog Strut Bellows
Beck/Arnley Stablizer Bar Bushings

After the car sat for the better part of a decade I want to replace pretty much every bushing.  Did I forget any?  Any special tools I should look into (besides the spring compressors, obviously)?

Note that this is not a drift or race car, it's just a driver to enjoy and preserve.  I may try out some AutoX in the future, we'll see.
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