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Author Topic: HOW TO: Ca20e > Nissan Quest Alternator Upgrade  (Read 239 times)

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HOW TO: Ca20e > Nissan Quest Alternator Upgrade
« on: 11:54:41 PM / 11-Feb-21 »
The Ca20e has almost no extra amperage to support anything aftermarket, and I searched the forums for plug and play upgrades with no luck, so after reading that some people thought a ka24de alternator upgrade might fit, I decided to take it to the next level with a nissan quest alternator. I had already upgraded my s14 with one a year prior and it was extremely easy. So hopefully this helps someone, not sure how active people are on forums in 2021. This is not plug and play, but very close, took me about an hour to do everything. Here goes:

What you need:

-Nissan Quest Alternator
-Mitsubishi Wiring Adapter
-New battery terminal spade (10 guage)
-3/8 Drill Bit
-Rubber Mallet+Flathead
- Impact Gun
-Potentially a dremel or file

STEP 1: Select your Nissan Quest alternator. They come in 2 models, 110 amps and 125 amps, they both have the same shell, however the 125 only came on 4 door Nissan quests from 99-02. I picked my 110amp version up on eBay for $50 shipped with warranty.

WARNING: The 110 amp alternator is at the threshold for the original charge wire and ground cable to the alternator, if you decide to go with 125 amp you will need to upgrade to thicker gauge wires otherwise you risk burning through your cables (This guide does NOT go over wire upgrades)

STEP 2: The alternator bolt is too big and will need to be drilled out with a 3/8 bit. You may need to use a circular file to perfect the hole or the bolt may not go through. The bolt hole on the back will require you to hammer out the spacer bearing which is easily done with a flathead and rubber mallet.

STEP 3: The alternator pulley on the quest is ribbed, and the ca20e is a V-belt. You will need to remove the pulley from the original alternator, along with the spacer and install them on the quest alternator. The spacer is a tad long, and the nut will only turn about 2 full turns, so I used some blue loctite and made sure my impact gun put it on nice and tight. I could have bought a different spacer or modified mine but I admittedly got lazy and need the car on the road asap. Dont be dangerous like me, order a new spacer the correct length.

STEP 4: The quest alternator charge wire bolt is much larger than the original spade, you will need to crimp on a new larger one. The quest alternator also uses a Mitsubishi modern plug instead of the "T" style plug. This plug can be purchased on amazon for $10, just crimp or solder on the new plug. If you are looking at it plugged into the Alt the "red wire" on the left of the plug is ignition and matches up with the original White/Red wire, while the black on the right of the plug is the power sense and connects to the original thicker White wire..
***Make sure you buy a female plug,. also the plug you receive may have different colored wires, verify before install***

STEP 5: Bolt in the alternator, it fits almost perfect except that instead of the top bolt threading on from the front of the bracket you will need to thread it on via the back. I decided to get a tad longer bolt just to be safe, but the stock one works with less threads. The bracket will need to be slightly loose to begin threading the bolt into the alternator. Tighten up the alternator bolt first, followed by tightening the bracket bolt back to the engine block.
 (Side Note: The alternator will sit on the end of the bracket, if you need more belt slack, you may need to grind down 3mm to 4mm of the bracket as it curves downwards and hits the alternator housing as you push the alternator up for slack)

Step 6: Plug everything back in on the Alt, and done :)

Hopefully this helps someone!
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