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Author Topic: 1983 200sx rear caliper  (Read 3532 times)

Offline chrismc410

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1983 200sx rear caliper
« on: 04:34:25 PM / 11-Aug-21 »

I have 1983 200SX that makes it an S110.  I realize this site is focused on the S12 which is 1984 and newer
I really like my 1983 and would like it legal and safe to drive. 

My issue is the rear calipers need replacing.  I can find a right tear easy enough but not a left rear.  I'm told simply rebuilding without a new piston is ultimately futile.    Will an 84 or newer rear caliper work on an 83?  Plumbing fittings look the same, im guessing the E-brake can be made to work.  Will the master cylinder support this?  14 in wheels, considering 15 wider wheels, rest of car is great major frame rust no longer existent, new, thicker steel cut, treated and replaced. 

Will calipers from a new 200sx work or other Nissan  or even another manufacturer?


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Offline rednucleus

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Re: 1983 200sx rear caliper
« Reply #1 on: 09:54:56 PM / 11-Aug-21 »
If the piston is not badly pitted & bore are not scored I don't know why a a rebuild would not be ok. I rebuilt my 85 rears a few years ago and so far so good.