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Author Topic: R180 LSD options for 200sx  (Read 141 times)

Offline VQ37VHR

R180 LSD options for 200sx
« on: 07:01:41 PM / 28-Dec-21 »
So to preface this post, I am well aware that welding my stock diff would be a whole lot cheaper than what I am planning to do. With that said, I want to drive this car frequently in non performance scenarios and would like to avoid excessive wear on my rear tires so an LSD is a must for me.

From my research I have found two practical ways to adapt an LSD to my R180, one of which seems to be a lot easier than the other:

1. Replace my stock open diff center with this unit from Quaife ( and reuse my stock ring gear and pinion. My only concern is axle fit, I am unsure if this diff center from Quaife has 25 spline or 27 spline holes for the axles. Any input would be appreciated on this matter.

2. Replace stock open diff with a Subaru WRX STI front diff center ($75 junkyard special :yes:) and have a machine shop fab up some hybrid axles using my stock axles and the splines off of the STI CV axles. Not sure about gearing, the STI ratio is 3.9 so it would be robbing me of some torque down low. Might see if I can't re-use my stock ring gear/ pinion set here too. Other challenge is going to be finding a shop that can confidently make me the axles that I need, will still probably be cheaper than the Quaife helical diff but would need to call for an estimate to confirm.

Please let me know your thoughts on these two plans/ if you spot any blatant errors in what I have come up with, I have read most of the other posts regarding this topic and am yet to find anybody really talking about what I have thought up here. Thanks

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Offline iceageg

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Re: R180 LSD options for 200sx
« Reply #1 on: 04:22:03 AM / 29-Dec-21 »
You will find more details searching through the drivetrain stickies, but as memory serves a turbo Z31 LSD is also a good choice if you can find one.
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Offline VQ37VHR

Re: R180 LSD options for 200sx
« Reply #2 on: 04:00:59 PM / 29-Dec-21 »
Well see I wouldn't be opposed to this option, the problem that arises is that the Z31 LSD is an R200 unit so it wouldn't be just a direct swap. I would need to find the Z31 rear driveshaft, Z31 4 lug axles, Z31 diff case and center and I would have to fab up a new diff mount if memory serves me right. This is why I was thinking to just use an R180 LSD center in my factory R180 diff casing, but if an R200 swap is more cost effective I might be willing to consider it.

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Re: R180 LSD options for 200sx
« Reply #3 on: 04:11:41 PM / 11-Jan-22 »
Why not find an R200 and Iirc the KAAZ LSD swaps in or the cheaper OBX LSD swaps in with slight modification..

Offline VQ37VHR

Re: R180 LSD options for 200sx
« Reply #4 on: 04:29:49 PM / 12-Jan-22 »
So will the R200 shortnose mate up with my existing rear driveshaft and axles or will I need those parts off of a turbo S12? It was to my understanding that you couldn't just drop in an R200 but if I am mistaken please correct me.