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Author Topic: 1984 200sx->USDM "S12 Silvia RSX" conversion (CA18DET swap lmao)  (Read 1919 times)

Offline krismasmilaa

Hey all! im not good at writing things and stuff, but im pretty good at filming myself ! i'll let the video speak for itself in terms of what i did the day i recorded... Im gonna try go for a weekly thing but once the car is finished (lmao when is a project ever finished tbh), I'll get started on my 1.9 miata build, which ill probably start recording weekly for that as well so if you'd like to see that, the only way to see it is to keep watching my videos or subscribe....

Before anything, Heres the video. it's seven minutes so watch it when you're pooping or something.
how do you embed?

read this part if you want, there's a tl;dr at the bottom, like i said im not good at writing :laugh:

Anyways the past weekend consisted of mocking up placements for the radiator, intercooler, and associated piping, and associated sensors... Car starts with Megasquirt 3/MS3x and the STOCK CAS DISC (WHICH TOOK WAY TOO LONG TO FIGURE OUT SO I NEVER RECORDED IT.... will do it next time if you guys just wanna watch me sit on the computer chasing my tail over issues that dont make anything clear lmao). I also got rid of that MASSIVE BATTERY and replaced it with an OEM s2000 one since honda offers a 100 month warranty and s2000 batts are extra small. Was only $170 after core charge ! :grinwink: will be trying a miata battery next... but that could be in years  :laugh:.

There was no general direction i was aiming for this car. For example, i'm not looking for power, not necessarily looking for handling(although it is on my to do list), and im not necessarily trying to restore it. I JUST WANT TO DRIVE IT 30 MIN TO WORK. AND TAKE IT OUT FOR DATE NIGHTS. :sniffles:

so far I'm about $4k in including the price of the car.... the biggest and most expensive items was the standalone ecu and the engine+tranny. luckily i bought everything before the market got sToOoOoOoOoOoOpid.

optional details you can skip if u want:(yes i've been sitting on this project for f***ing years and ive been waiting patiently for the day i could finally start writing my build thread instead of being those guys who do the "I'm GoNnA dO tHiS" and then disappear for 12 years with a 50% chance of coming back)

I am currently preparing it for the welder homie to be able to put it on his trailer and also have the ability move it around when needed. Not sure when the next video will be uploaded, but the only way to stay on top of that is to come back here or just plain subscribe :yes:!

Anyways, I tried my best for this cinematic style vlog, still getting used to the camera since i havent actually made any serious edits with it besides this. hopefully you guys enjoy it. Feedback on the video itself (good or bad) is much appreciated!

TL;DR: dis my build, i record video, i upload video, u watch, and u comment and like (or dislike whatever floats your boat)

Here are some pics!

Thats it for now! maybe see you guys in 2-3 weeks time

PS: Is there anyway to embed video here?

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Saw your facebook post and watched the video then. Where did you come up with the engine and trans?

Offline krismasmilaa

Saw your facebook post and watched the video then. Where did you come up with the engine and trans?

My guy, I bought literally everything off of eBay. This bout to be the final form freiza of eBay builds.

The CA18DET with around 63k miles costed me roughly 2-3k no more than 3k. Came with an s13 tranny but I don't have the driveshafts to use it, so I used my original tranny with a little over 180k on it........................ I'll find driveshafts some day......... LOL

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Makes me sad how expensive CA's are, but glad they're still available at least.  When I first got into the game, CA & RB20 clips were a dime a dozen for $1500, SR's more like $2500. Wish my racecar had a CA, but the cost and availability of those motors just kills it for me.  Super jelly of your project! Subscribed.

Offline kelso840

I've always wanted an 18det in an s12. It just looks right.
Infrequently driving an s12.

Offline krismasmilaa


so far, i've put in a new steering wheel, bled the cooling system, and i'm currently driving it to and from work. Upon first start up, it seems as if the waterpump needs replacing and the timing belt will be replaced with it .

I've been spending the last week getting the MS3x Tune correct so that it will be street worthy after i complete the registration process. didnt record any of that because, once again, no one wants to watch me stare at a computer screen and curse all day LOL

 I have tons of video to edit, i'm just caught in the deep hole of DOING HOMEWORK smh. its an 8 week course and I only have 5 weeks left, so all the school time I'm wasting will be put to editing.

Here's a couple pics of some of those things.... Video of installation will be up soon , I just have to try really hard to finish my homework early   :reallysad:

Vertex Steering Wheel

New Spectre Filter from VatoZone

Drilled and Tapped a hole for a hose barb, hose barb was too big so clamp was not used

AEM UEGO from amazon!

Useless Digi Dash LOL

Sneak Peek of whats to come!! I bought all of these s13 front suspension parts for $20 TOTAL back in 2018!!

Heres some cars that i smogged over at work. & no, i do not have the ability to "dirty smog" sadly, i have a guy for that and i DO NOT have his info and i literally only have one middle man that REFUSES to connect anyone directly or even acknowledge that we have the connection to strangers, so i'm of no help in this red area of smog  :cry2:

These all passed legitimately tho, even the ae86!!

Real Watanabes in 14"

Should have a video up soon, I'll post it here when its ready!

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I've always wanted an 18det in an s12. It just looks right.

bro it looks SO RIGHT. its funny cause its even more satisfying that everything bolts in. It runs like it belongs in a 30+ yr old car too!
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Offline kelso840

You've got a mighty fine thread happening here.
Infrequently driving an s12.

Offline krismasmilaa

You've got a mighty fine thread happening here.

yeeaaaaaa lets goooooo!!!!

Offline krismasmilaa

lets goooooo next video is up!

Offline krismasmilaa

YO IM BACK.... its been a while but for the past six months, I've been trying to fight a misfire issue. I have been back and forth with DIYAutoTune and was able to resolve the issue

now what was the issue? I am very impatient and overly ecstatic about things, so I wired my injectors without a fuse. I burned out one of my batch fire drivers and have since been using the MS3x sequential outputs along with 10ohm10watt resistors with the stock injectors. I also blew out a single injector in which i was able to source another single injector from my spare Pulsar Motor!

the car runs MUCH BETTER on sequential, and while the CA18DET is supposed to run in a wasted spark setup, I have also converted to sequential spark as well in order to prolong the life of the coils. I'm gonna have to think of a replacement soon, and I may resort to Toyota COPs in typical miataturbo fashion unless you guys have another solution for me to try.

SINCE MY LAST POST, I have converted to a full front s13 suspension that i found on OFFERUP for $100!!! It fucking came with front and rear coilovers too!!!


if you have any questions over anything PLEASE ASK! I would love to see more s12's on the road here in sunny daygo. AFAIK, Jay(i think thats his name) is the only one here in my area with a running one that actually gets driven around LMAO.

Here's some dope pics

Just recently, in February, I got the car registered!! I drove the car to the DMV with a LEAKING ASS WATER PUMP for VIN verification! They said nothing about the motor swap! I do believe that the motor being somewhat "era correct", a normie would never be able to tell.

Hey, but If y'all see me around, make sure you throw up the peace sign!!

Some cheapo coilovers i got along with my s13 suspension! these are the rears that i disassembled to prep for install. They were basically free, and they fit the whole "ULTIMATE EBAY BUILD" vibe hahaha, so no plans on upgrading yet!

and before you say anything, YES I KNOW THEY RIDE LIKE SHIT! the car, IMHO is a piece of shit so it matches the vibe LOL

Pics of the front coilovers in!

I was able to recycle the old tension rods by bolting them in with a single bolt on the arm. Tension rod brackets are tough to find, not to mention overpriced as shit. s14 tension rod brackets are VERY EXPENSIVE, so here's a solution for those of you who are penny pinching builders like me.

the second i swapped that oldass 40 year old suspension, i threw it in the fucking dirt. then i threw it in the recycle bin for people to turn them into liquid death cans to be sold at raves.

This is how it sat immediately after install! It was low as fucking shit, so I had to raise it a smidge. I drove it to work the day after and man oh man, people break their necks just to ponder over what kind of car this is.

I also took it to the gas station a few times... An older asian gentleman (50s or 60s, its hard to tell with how well asians age) approached me while i was fueling and said, "MAN, HOLY SHIT MAN, IS THAT A 200SX?! I haven't seen one of these since high school man!! this is crazy!!"
hahaha he was fucking stoked.

I'm very happy over this because one of my bigger personal goals with this car was to induce extreme nostalgia in those within the immediate vicinity.
I'll tell you one thing, the feeling you get when someone in their 50's or 60's says something like "man i had one of these when i was a teenager!" is more satisfying than getting this car running.

It's been a long time Club-s12 but I'm still here, and I don't think i'll be getting rid of the car anytime soon.

As of today, I am currently in my 6th year of ownership. Funny cause the car probably only has 6 total hours of runtime since i bought it! LMFAO

Hopefully we can get it out to apple valley speedway sometime, you guys will be the first to know when it's ready!