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Author Topic: So good to be back.  (Read 3356 times)

Offline Onefast Gtr

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So good to be back.
« on: 12:44:07 AM / 14-May-22 »
Carlos or jeffwins24 reporting back very og member talked with arro and was okay but signing up was a absolute fing cunt. Definitely gone through too many changes, if you see me on on the fb page you know who i am. Been through 3 s12s already glad to be back and to be honest after going to a few other chassis (z31s and a few first time swaps ever done in thr world for z31s) i honestly couldn't be happier behind a s12 again such a unique car i love this chassis so much.

Currently have a 85 hatch with a ka24de built engine and 240sx suspension angle kit, and a bunch of cool goodies Currently on the hunt for a coupe to go with my hatch.

Hopefully its okay with the mods if i can come back from the dead. If not i guess I'll be banned   :cry2: :cry2: Hopefully not.

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