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Author Topic: ISO S12 Rear Parking Brake Cable  (Read 557 times)

Offline VQ37VHR

ISO S12 Rear Parking Brake Cable
« on: 10:37:50 AM / 09-Nov-22 »
Looking for a parking brake cable for an IRS S12, I'm pretty sure they are the same across all IRS models but if it matters the car its going into is a MK1.5 XE hatchback. My factory cable is seized up on one side and despite my best efforts I've been unable to free it. Please LMK if you have a replacement, I will be checking replies to this thread fairly regularly.

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Re: ISO S12 Rear Parking Brake Cable
« Reply #1 on: 02:47:16 PM / 09-Nov-22 »
I don't have a cable for you because they're made of unobtanium these days so I'll just offer a bit of advice from a 27 year S12 driver:

Lubricate your brake cables with motorcycle chain lube. Cans of chain lube come with a red straw. The spray comes out thin so it can run into the cable housing, then it thickens by design so it doesn't go flying off a moving chain. If you live in a wet area it's a good way to keep them in shape.

Offline VQ37VHR

Re: ISO S12 Rear Parking Brake Cable
« Reply #2 on: 02:58:56 PM / 09-Nov-22 »
Yea I've been fighting mine with penetrating fluid and motorcycle chain lube for about 2 weeks now, it was seized when I bought the car so I doubt Ill be able to unstick it but hey its worth a shot.