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Author Topic: What the hell is Turbo Wheel Clipping  (Read 3530 times)

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What the hell is Turbo Wheel Clipping
« on: 03:24:43 AM / 11-Jun-04 »
[span style=\'color:red\']Posted by Magnum[/span]

A common trick to increase the output of a turbocharger is \"clipping\" the turbine wheel. When the turbine wheel (on the \"hot side\") is clipped, the fins are cut away at a slight angle (usually between 7 and 10 degrees), thereby reducing the amount of metal that is in the path of the exhaust gasses. The reason this is done is to lower the resistance of the turbo to exhaust gasses flowing through it.

At high RPMs, clipping increases engine horsepower, since the turbo is allowing the exhaust gasses to escape more quickly (and at high RPMs, the turbo can only spin so fast). At low RPMs, clipping tends to slightly increase turbo lag, since less fin-area means that the turbocharger will take longer to get up to speed. This tradeoff is typically well worth the upper-range power gains.

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