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Author Topic: sr20det swap in a 84 200sx  (Read 2233 times)

Offline td-civ

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sr20det swap in a 84 200sx
« on: 11:20:38 PM / 21-Sep-04 »
i am doing a sr20det swap in a 84 200sx the motor is in and the motor runs i was not the one how did the swap the car is my friend and i build imports for a living but this is the first time i have worked on a s12 all i need help on is the wiring if you guys can help me that will be sweet ill post pics up of the car

thank ;-)

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Offline Nebuchernezzer

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sr20det swap in a 84 200sx
« Reply #1 on: 11:45:57 PM / 21-Sep-04 »
Sounds cool, the wiring is simple so you shouldn\'t have any troubles if you have wired SRs up before.

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Offline craigcd

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sr20det swap in a 84 200sx
« Reply #2 on: 11:18:27 AM / 22-Sep-04 »
I didnt do my own wiring but i wish i had, it is simple. The hardest part will be wiring the tach and getting your speedo to work the rest is basic. You wire the tack by putting diodes in all 4 coil packs. Same as doing a 89/90 240 to sr swap. For the speedo i used a RB20 set up.