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Author Topic: bleeding troubles!  (Read 1126 times)

Offline chunks

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bleeding troubles!
« on: 02:14:14 PM / 23-Sep-04 »
I was wondering if anyone could help me (side note: ca20e, manual of corse). I had to remove my line for my clutch master cyclinder, and after reattaching it i now have no pedal. I have never bleed a clutch i was hoping someone could explane the process to me. The line from the master cyclinder goes to a block looking thing with a bleeder scew on  it i busted the screw off though. Then there is a bleeder screw on the slave cyclinder. could someone help thanks!

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Offline Uglyoldnissan

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bleeding troubles!
« Reply #1 on: 02:37:14 PM / 23-Sep-04 »
To bleed a clutch cylinder I believe you have to get a freind to depress the clutch pedal and then crack the bleeder screw on the slave cylinder, keep doing this until the fluid runs clear.  Some tips, every couple of times you crack the screw check the fluid level in the resevoir so you don\'t run out and start pumping air, DON\'T and I mean DON\'T use a wrench to loosen that bleeder screw the first time use a 6 point socket or you will run the risk of breaking that one too.  Wrenches apply shear (lateral) stress to whatever your turning and that can easily break bleeder screws (trust me, I know).  Soak the screw in penetrating oil for an hour or two before starting.  Hope that helps.
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Offline project200sx

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bleeding troubles!
« Reply #2 on: 12:05:44 AM / 24-Sep-04 »
Soak the screw in penetrating oil for an hour or two before starting.

Also if its in an area where you can heat it.. do so!! it will make it even easier to get it out.
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