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Author Topic: How can I ditch the small MAF sensor  (Read 20152 times)

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Re: How can I ditch the small MAF sensor
« Reply #20 on: 07:14:49 PM / 19-Dec-10 »

I picked up an 86 maf and ecu from the yard the other day.  I just got it installed yesterday and it seemed to run fine... Then, it started to bog down and lose power out of nowhere and now it's doing it all the time.

Taking a look at the maf connector on the car, mine only has 5 wires when the z maf has 6 pins.  A friends' 87 se HAS 6 wires.  Mine, an 88, only has 5 wtf? 

The extra wire coming off the z maf is yellow/red and should go to pin #30 at the ecu.  Of course my connector at the ecu doesn't have that wire.  What is it for??
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Re: How can I ditch the small MAF sensor
« Reply #21 on: 02:15:20 PM / 20-Dec-10 »
88 FSM says its the "variable resistance" wire. Seems important. Could be your knucking and bucking bronco.

We will fix itz.
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