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Author Topic: Diference in SR  (Read 1109 times)

Offline ChEsTeR

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Diference in SR
« on: 04:47:32 AM / 05-Oct-04 »
What is the diference betwen SR20DET Black and red TOP

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ChEsTeR :D
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Offline RPSport-John

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Diference in SR
« Reply #1 on: 12:18:45 PM / 05-Oct-04 »
a couple of pins on the ecu plug are moved around. The ports on the black top (flat valve cover, out of latter model 180sx) are smaller than the redtop, to fix a bog issue the cars were having.

Latter model blacktops are same diffenece, with the adition of VTC (basically vtec) and the horible s15 turbo.

VTC breaks at about 350 ftlbs of tourqe btw.

Getting the blacktop 180sx motor is kinda nice, because it is newer, and with the adition of smaller ports, lends itself to more port shaping than the redtop head, where you\'re only option is a port match, and polish.

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