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Author Topic: CA18DE interchange  (Read 839 times)

Offline jimjam

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CA18DE interchange
« on: 04:19:42 AM / 19-Mar-05 »
Hi all, after all this time of my car playing up I have gone out and brought a CA18DE motor to go in the s12, but before I go and change it over I was wondering if I can hybrid the two engines

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CA18DE interchange
« Reply #1 on: 10:23:56 AM / 21-Mar-05 »
If you mean run the ET head on a DE block, yes you can.

I don\'t know about Ozze/jap ca18des, but I know here they\'re 9.5:1 or 10:1 motors.

You could run the ca18de bottom end with your ET pistons if you have them tapped for full floating pins ($10 a slug)

You\'ll need a DE flywheel (ET is 6 bolt, DE is 8)

and there is a bolt somewhere on the block that needs to be plugged. Sorry to be vague, I remember reading something about it. I\'ll do some searching.

30PSI (a member here) has just finished building a ca18DET/ET hybrid, so he\'d be the one to ask.

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Offline 30PSI

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CA18DE interchange
« Reply #2 on: 05:47:17 AM / 22-Mar-05 »
Damn whats happened to the last few months of posts?

The only real reason for running the DET block is that it has the crank girdle, oil squirt jets and thicker head bolts. It probably has a higher capacity oil pump, as I know that they are slightly different. Don\'t know if the DE has these...

The easiest way is to transfer the ET crank and pistons into the DET block. Up to you what pistons you use. I\'ve got JE forged pistons with the DET crank. You can\'t immediately use the DET crank, as the nose of it where the bottom cam pulley goes over is slightly larger on the DET crank. Therefore the cam pulley will need remachining to suit. Although someone on here said you can use the DET pulley, they\'re wrong you can\'t, the teeth are different shapes, and probably a different number of teeth, so remachine the pulley.

The headbolts are different you can\'t use the original ET bolts. You can use 7 of the original DET bolts, find an SR20 engine, rob it of one head bolt and shorten to length for the longest bolt on the ET.

There is a DET cambelt tensioner on the block. This locates over a stud, remove the stud and block it up with a bolt. The stud unfortunatly goes into the oil way that drains the head to sump, so block it.

There is a water way connection that sits under the exhaust manifold, this goes to the turbo. There is a line similar that goes to the turbo that comes from under the inlet manifold. Also the water lines for the heater matrix might need some altering. I\'m using a DET inlet manifold, and used the whole DET system in this regard, so might be different if you could stick to the orginal ET way.

You can\'t really use a DE block, a DET is better. Not too sure if the DE has the crank girdle etc. Even if it has, you will have to tap into the block for the oil feed and fit a restrictor in the line, but this might be included within the original fitment that screws into the block. Again you\'d have to do the same possibly with the water connection under the exhaust manifold if you chose to use that method. You would have to use a DET flywheel, which has 8 bolts instead of 6.

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