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Author Topic: NAPS-Z (Z22) Block with L20B Cyl. Head?  (Read 1514 times)

Offline 200SX-T

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NAPS-Z (Z22) Block with L20B Cyl. Head?
« on: 08:15:52 PM / 15-Jun-05 »
How much would it cost to do this and how much power would it make? Thanks.

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Offline Joel07

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NAPS-Z (Z22) Block with L20B Cyl. Head?
« Reply #1 on: 04:00:09 AM / 16-Jun-05 »
Old-school tech.  :roll:  I wouldn\'t waste my time with it.  Get a KA24DE instead.

But, to answer your question, I doubt it would cost that much, since the Z motors are not that hard to come by, the hardest part would be finding a good L head, which shouldn\'t be that hard either.  Crossflow heads for the most part really suck.  Only real advantage here would be the ease of which to go to dual carb\'s.  But you can do that easily with a KA24E too.

Anyway, my opinion is it\'s not gonna make that much power for how much money you\'ll have in it.  You\'ll probably be looking at around 130hp if everything is stock, if it\'s fully built, high compresssion, dual sidedraft webers, etc., you MIGHT (big emphasis on the might) get 200 out of it.  But it\'ll cost over $6k, and be a pain to drive on the street.