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Author Topic: New car  (Read 948 times)

Offline Kailas

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New car
« on: 08:51:35 PM / 12-Jul-05 »
Hi guys,
I\'m picking up an 1985 200 sx sometime in the next 2 days and i went over to look at it today and bought a battery and fuel filter for it. The car has been sitting in a garage for a little bit and it dudnt start up. the engine turns and stuff and the fuel pump works but it wouldnt start up, tomorrow i\'m gonna try priming the fuel pump and maybe changing the spark plugs and see if that works, and then if it still doesnt then take a mechanic over to get it running.

Any more suggestions? the mechanic is the last resort but i\'d like to get it running myself.


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Offline project200sx

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New car
« Reply #1 on: 12:09:27 PM / 13-Jul-05 »
yeah sounds like you might be headed in the right direction with the spark plugs... since your fuel pump works its most likely a spark related problem... make shure your coils actually work first though...
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Offline YankeeDrifter

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New car
« Reply #2 on: 03:23:30 PM / 15-Jul-05 »
My car was sitting for a while.  Trying towing it and popping the clutch while in motion.
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