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Author Topic: ca20e plus adding t  (Read 1657 times)

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ca20e plus adding t
« on: 02:04:46 AM / 19-Jul-05 »
mention the words boost and revs in the company of the CA20e con-rods, and i think they\'ll almost shit themselves right then and there! You may as well save your money and swap engines cause the ca20e isnt a well built engine, and before you think i am a ca20e basher, i use to have one myself and it gave me 2 years of good service, and alot of thrashing, but at the eng of the day, they are weak and wont take too much boost, especially not 12psi.

if you do wanna give the ca20e a lift, i have seen low psi supercharger set ups on the ca20e powered Pintara\'s here in AUS, but these are running 3-5psi and aren\'t that impressive.

as i said, save ya cash, do a CA18ET or KA24DE or whadeva swap instead.


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